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Ash was born in the Metro Detroit area in1985. Which makes her unquestionably a Millennial. She was relentlessly nurtured by technology as it exploded during her formative adolescent years, and became fixated by the complexities of human nature in the information age. In her current concepts, Ash illustrates how technology advancements have changed the way people interact with one another and themselves. She ideates that as technology advances, humans as a whole have become less attached to nature. Her work brings a new and often uncomfortable perspective to social issues that are commonly ignored or concealed. Ash challenges viewers by forcing conflicting and reflective feelings sunk deep within themselves to the surface. Her aim is to increase an awareness to the viewer that people are much more complex than they would like to admit.

Ash finds abandoned places fascinating for much the same reasons. Growing up in Detroit, MI there was always an abundance of spots to explore. She loves re-discovering the past and unearthing what is left after neglect and exposure to the elements. Her work takes on a voyeuristic display, revealing the beauty within the decay kept hidden from view. 


Ash fell in love with photography in her high school darkroom. She found every excuse possible to spend her time there. The magic of watching paper develop in the chemistry was utterly intoxicating and she was addicted. Ash continued fine art photography studies at Oakland Community College in their extensive darkroom and studio. It was at OCC where she was able to explore many different film and processing techniques. She concentrated on cross-processing color slides and color infrared film throughout her college career. In recent years, Ash has turned her focus towards conceptual art. The color shifts and tones from alternative film processing heavily influence her digital work today.

Before concentrating on conceptual photography, Ash fostered her passion over the last decade by capturing the beauty of the world around her through travel and landscape photography. Having visited over 24 different countries, Ash relishes in the different sceneries and cultures. As a young teenager, Ash was a student ambassador visiting Australia and New Zealand. That month-long journey formed an unbreakable bond with travel deep within her to seek out and understand others around the globe. Ash continues to take every opportunity to travel. Seeing the world, experiencing other cultures, and capturing those moments along the way are a driving force to find universal human connections.


Ash lives and works in Houston, TX. Working with both film and digital photography, and has been practicing the art form since 2001.



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