ASH MARGARET (Cheatham) | Artist 
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2004-2007 – Studied Photographic Technology | Oakland Community College
Studied under: Rob Kangas


2021 – The Co 19 Project: “GMO Picnic” and "Silver Screen", UK

2021 – PH21 Photographic Visions: Summer 2021 “Women's Work”, "Prime Time", and “Jukebox Serenade”, Budapest, Hungary

2021 – Lawndale: The Big Show “Imaginary Friend”, Houston, TX

2021 – Black Box Gallery: Color Burst: Contemporary Photography “Color Factory”, Portland, OR

2021 – Dab Art Gallery: Art In A Time Of Corona "Night Cap" and "Mrs. Clean", Los Angeles, CA

2021 – The Motif Collective Photography Gallery: Reflections “Environmentally Friendly”, Fernandina Beach, FL

2021 – PH21 Gallery Stories: Narrative Photography “Detox” and “Gaslight”, Budapest, Hungary
2021 – 5th Annual Black & White International Art Exhibition, “It Has a Filter”, Palm Springs, CA
2004 – Solo exhibition, Pontiac Creative Arts Center, Pontiac, MI



Private corporate collection, The Woodlands, TX            

Private collection, Rochester, MI
Private collection, The Woodlands, TX

Private corporate collection, Bryant, AR


The Woodlands Photography Club – joined 2020


2021 – Divide Magazine, Issue 4 - Contemporary Art Magazine, Global

2021 – Artists Responding To, Issue 9 - A.R.T Monthly Magazine, UK

2021 – Artists Responding To, Issue 7 - A.R.T Monthly Magazine, UK


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