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Current Fine Arts Project

My current photography series, Gently Seeping, depicts the delusional state that many people are blissfully unaware they are in. I display vivid scenes characterizing the things we do to nurture ourselves, yet simultaneously destroy. Covid exposed a "save yourself" mentality that has us at war against each other. This life-changing event stokes the passion that I have been longing to express through my fine art.


I chose the gas mask without its filter to portray the relentless bare minimum mindset society continues to display. The mask illustrates a positive action but is then rendered useless by other choices. The smoke represents the danger we allow to seep into our lives while feeling protected with our faulty gas mask. This series is set in an indistinct time period. I mix vintage with modern aesthetic, combining for an almost post-apocalyptic feel with a cross-processed quality. These windows of augmented reality express what life obscures.


 My images are focused on things hidden away, whether physical or emotional. They bring a new and often uncomfortable perspective to social issues that are commonly ignored or concealed. I want to challenge viewers by forcing conflicting and reflective feelings deep within themselves to the surface.


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