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Gently Seeping

Series coming 2021


Gently Seeping will depict delusions of things we do to take care of ourselves, yet simultaneously destroy in a realistic but uncomfortable manner. The images allude to a post apocalyptic feel with a cross-processed quality and set in an indistinct time period, mixing  vintage with modern styles. Several photos represent people who are content with the “out of  sight out of mind” mentality, willing to ignore the suffering of others or our planet. Part of the series is focused on a specific contradictory concept. I see examples of this everyday: visit a beauty salon and have a cigarette. Order a BigMac and a diet coke. Get behind the wheel drunk and buckle the seatbelt. 


I’ve found people are inherently harsh, as it has become a social trend to appear the  most “woke”- social justice warrior. There is often a sense of false entitlement that comes from  feeling so informed. Conversely, many are the total opposite, completely self-seeking and content with the status quo. Both are rooted in selfishness. I use the gas mask without its big filter  purposefully to represent the constant bare-minimum mentality. The mask represents a positive action someone does to better themselves or their life but is then often rendered useless with the other choices they continue to make. The smoke represents the danger we let seep into our lives while feeling protected with our faulty gas mask. 

Once COVID hit I knew I was on the right track as more examples flooded and my series  and vision began to evolve. People are often apathetic to anything that doesn’t directly affect them. COVID has exposed this “save yourself” mindset to the extreme: from toilet paper hoarding, to blatant anti-maskers, to those who feel they are protected with noses exposed. I saw a huge change in supermarkets when masks were still optional. Everyone wore one early on because they were scared for themselves. Then CDC recs became clear that mask-wearing would not necessarily help the wearer but would prevent spread. Once masks were no longer serving the individual, avid resistance and flat out refusal rose until  mask-wearing became mandated. As all of this unfolded before my eyes, the gas mask became vital in my artistic expression. This all inspired me to leave my comfort zone behind and expand on photography techniques and ideas to get my point across. 

Since starting Gently Seeping, I was able to discover first-hand how to bring my visions  to life using interesting elements. Using smoke had a learning curve, which challenged me to  capture what was in my head. From rigging an old telephone to have the smoke trickle out, to getting the right lighting that made it pop, I have learned a lot already. I am excited to venture forward with what this series has for me. I will continue to push and try new things to bring my photos to life.


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