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Gently Seeping depicts the delusional state many are unaware they are in. I show vivid scenes of things we do to nurture ourselves, yet simultaneously destroy us. The mask, without a filter, illustrates an action one does to better themselves/their life, but is rendered useless amidst other choices made. Smoke in some images, shows the danger we allow to seep into our lives, feeling protected with our faulty gas mask. Some scenes are focused on a specific contradictory concept, while others show “out of sight out of mind” mentality. Set in a vague time period for a post-apocalyptic feel with a cross-processed quality. These windows of augmented reality express what true life obscures. I focus on things hidden away, both physical & emotional. My work brings a new & often uncomfortable perspective to issues commonly ignored/ concealed. I challenge viewers by forcing conflicting & reflective feelings deep within themselves to the surface & increase awareness of our human complexity.



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